Would You Drive The Volvo P1800 For 1 Million Miles?

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We know the Volvo can do it, but would you?

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There are a lot of cars we'd like to drive. Big ones, small ones, fast ones, slow ones, pretty ones, weird ones —name just about any car and we're interested in seeing what it's like. But choosing to drive a car for a million miles is another question entirely. It's an automotive marriage; it's the ultimate commitment.

The P1800 is arguably the prettiest Volvo ever made. And, apparently, one of the most durable. So it's got some good things going for it, but would you make the million-mile commitment? If you were driving the national average of 15,000 miles per year, it would take you 66 years to complete. Do you want a Volvo P1800 for the rest of your life?

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Thomas McIntyre

Are there any modern engines that fit in the P1800?