Here's A Much More Affordable Way To Own A Bentley Continental GT

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If I were 6 years old, I'd want this radio controlled Bentley Continental GT to play with on Christmas. Those noisy RC Cars never really did it for me, and I was the kid with a BMW 5-series remote control car I found on the bottom shelf at a KB Toys store one year. Hey, I could always hunt down a bargain if I tried.


Bargain and Bentley don't go together under usual circumstances, so 6-year-old me would've had to have been a good little boy this year to get my mommy or daddy to pony up 65 British Pounds (about $105) for this radio controlled Bentley Continental GT.

It's a 1/12 scale version of what is normally a $175,000 car. It doesn't have a V8 or W12, but Bentley does say it provides the young motorist with an "effortlessly smooth drive, just like the real thing." I'm telling you, grown-up me kind of wants one.


Knowing what I know now about cars and driving, I could've been a better remote-control driver back when I kept crashing that little 5-series into walls, the Christmas Tree, my grandmother's dog, that kind of stuff. I probably wouldn't have driven it down the porch, either.

Best of all, batteries are included.

What's your dream radio-controlled car?

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Supreme Kiwi Zorro

what's the name of those RC cars that are real deal (not something you find at a toy store) where you have to go to a special store for parts, wheels/tyres, paint, engine, etc?? i remember seeing a guy trying out a mercedes CLK GTR RC car that almost took up the whole cargo space in his car. it was blazing fast and exhausts smoke like a normal car would. i bet those are expensive but i want to know what company/brand that makes these, thanks