This Florida Man Passed Out At A Gas Station With His Pants Down

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Stop the presses! A guy from Florida was arrested with his genitals hanging out! No wait, this one's different, I swear!

Cape Coral, Fla. police got a call about a partially naked man snoozing in his car at a gas station and found 19-Year-Old Miles Overway, lying peacefully, junk hanging out of his pants. "...went to go to the bathroom in my car in a cup since I have gotten. When it usually sleep with my roommate," he babbled at equally confused police officers.

There must be a chemical reaction occurring in Florida's atmosphere — something like the one that makes oil rise above water — which causes genitalia to rise above its cloth covering.


Police told Overway to put his pants on, noting that he appeared to be high and/or drunk. Overway passed out again while he was filling out police forms. But he was properly clothed at that point.

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Bryce Womeldurf

From the looks of him, he's a meth head and probably hooked on the same thing that a former co-worker of mine was. Some kind of muscle relaxant it seems that makes you pass out so quickly you could be mid-sentance and go straight to sleep. Gah, that guy was annoying. I hope the cops busted him too. It's sad really. The governor has not done nearly enough to curb this problem.