Watch This Tornado Throw An SUV Like A Toy Car

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I have one rule: If I'm in an emergency situation near a man in army fatigues and he starts running, I immediately start running too.

So if I were in the Mobile, AL Walgreens yesterday, I'd have been running like a madman when a tornado touched down just outside.

While it was nuts inside the store (we are especially fascinated by the slow moving man with the shopping cart), it was total chaos outside. A freaking truck was picked up by the tornado and thrown into the Walgreens parking lot, where it bounced around amongst the other cars in the lot.


It was like the Wizard of Oz come alive.

Mobile was also the scene of a tornado last week that took out about 50 cars at a local Mercedes dealer.

Check out the latest storm to ravage the area below:


Government St. business employee witnessed twister

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Looks like that door had a case of rocket diarrhea. . .