A 79-Year-Old Florida Driver Took Out This Lamborghini Aventador

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Motorists in Florida had a strong showing in 2012, and now it looks like they're off to a strong start once again in 2013!


This Lamborghini Aventador reportedly lost a tire and suffered body damage after it was struck by a 79-year-old woman in Sarasota, Fl. No one was injured, and no word on what the old lady was driving, but given her age and the location of the crash, I think we can all assume it was a Buick or a Town Car.

Any guesses how this happened?

Photo credit Wrecked Exotics


Victorious Secret

Not only do we need stricter driver training and licensing but we need restrictions placed on old people flat out.


They can't react as fast, they can't judge as fast, chances are they have multiple underlying conditions that will impact driving performance so why the hell are we handing out licenses just like that?

I don't trust teenagers and I don't trust old people. More so then I don't trust everyone else on the road to begin with.

Driving is not a right, its about time we stopped treating it like one. Its a fucking privilege.

Everyone, whether you are 16 or 60, needs to prove they can handle what amounts to 2 tons of metal that can kill anything on the road if things went bad.