The Basement Lamborghini Is For Sale On eBay

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This past October, Ken Imhoff — the guy who spent 17 years building the ultimate Lamborghini Countach replica in his basement — told us he wanted to sell it. Now, it's on eBay, and the bidding just topped $75,000.


Despite devoting a significant portion of his adult life to building the gorgeous one-off, Imhoff recently told us he wants to move on to new projects. More than that, with two daughters who'll be approaching college age in the next few years, the liquidation of one particularly valuable asset will help his bottom line. It's time to find someone who appreciates the "Basement Lambo" for both its provenance and its awesomeness to give it a good home.

"It started gnawing at me that I'm not taking care of this thing the way I should," Imhoff says. "I'm doing it a disservice. And I thought, ‘boy, could I actually sell it? Could I actually pass it on to somebody else and be okay with that?' I was a little concerned that I could actually let go of it. I worked on this thing for 17 years.

"I get that same reaction from when I tell people I may want to sell it, and they say ‘How could you sell that?' Most people don't understand, and I have to go into a lengthy conversation about how it's a journey and now we're at the destination, and now I want to do something else. And it's another project. That's what I need to do."

Check out Imhoff's Lambo page for all the specs.


Takuro Spirit

Wow, never noticed that he is in my home state.

I'm not sure what his reserve is, but 75K is sorta CP for a car that's homebuilt, and can't be titled and driven on the street.