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Along with its recent announcement that it would compete in the Le Mans Endurance Series Championship, Peugeot's new commitment to motorsports has a face, and three wheels. The company's 20Cup prototype roadsters, which look like the product of a lab accident involving a 907 concept and a race-bred wheelbarrow, synthesizes the motorcar and motorcycle worlds in one, awkwardly attractive package.

The two 20Cup prototypes, using a one-piece carbon chassis and separate two-seat cockpit, are designed to place maximum load on the front axle, and virtually no weight on the rear wheel — the single-arm rear axle of which merely steers the car. Both cars sport the same engine, a direct-injection turbo four, built in cooperation with BMW, which produces 170hp and 184ft/lbs of torque — more than enough to propel the 1100lb concepts to racing speeds — assisted by a six-speed sequential manual tranny. No word on whether the 20Cups will make their way to Frankfurt for a proper viewing.

Peugeot's exciting new three wheeler - the 20CUP [Gizmag]

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