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According to Edmunds Inside Line, Toyota is nudging its next-generation Camry in a more stylish direction, calling on design forms from its European Avensis sedan (pictured, below) to punch up the current Camry's contagious-yawn styling. Toyota will likely draw from the Avensis's a graceful, sloping rear section and short deck, as well as sculptured front section in creating the new model, which will debut at next-year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit. A new platform will underpin the Camry, and revised four- and six-cylinder engines will likely add power where before there was only boatloads of "eh." [Note to those thinking we've reverted to our pre-English-as-a-Second-Language communications skills with the headline: That dopey non sequitur was supposed to be a subtle joke. Perhaps its too subtle, or maybe its just not funny. We're not sure which.]

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