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Confirming a long-standing rumor (voted the second most plausable of the year among Jalopnik readers), BMW will build a new coupe based on its Z4 roadster, beginning with a concept vehicle to appear at the Frankfurt motor show in September. The last version of the M-Coupe, the Z3-based version that expired in 2002, was an enthusiast's dream — a rigid-bodied road car that handled like a Porsche 911 and had a genuine BMW M powerplant. That it alienated casual observers with its awkward, duck-headed appearance only increased its exclusivity.

Edmunds Inside Line is reporting that BMW is taking the concept right to production, as a rival to the Porsche's upcoming Cayman S, and that the Z4 coupe will be a conventional fastback, like the company's Xcoupe concept of 2001 (pictured). It will also come in a non-M version (with the 3.0-liter six) as well as a 3.2-liter, 360hp, M model.

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