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"A very fine little car despite its resemblance to a cheese slicer."
— Dan Neil

We've got some kind of perverse fascination with Chevrolet's Cobalt SS. If we examined our feelings too liberally, to which every good blue-state fooker is obliged by law, we'd unearth that ever-creeping desire. You know, the one in which GM creates yet another unappealing shitbox at the bottom of its line, and tags it with one of those muscle-car symbols dredged from grandpa's hope chest, thereby giving us another production cycle's worth of punchlines. But we're not going in for self-examination on this one. That's because everything we've read about the littlest SS, having yet to get GM to trust us with a test drive of our own, points to a worthy machine of fine fettle. Now, the LA Times's Dan Neil, whom we'd trust with the lives of our unborn children, issues a favorable report on Chevy's new, factory-tuned version of the Cobalt coupe, the SS-SC. Now we must drive this car, if only to plug up that last, unexamined crevasse of doubt.

If Red Bull Were Blue [The Los Angeles Times (sub req.)]

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