Man Who Drove A Tractor Over Seven Cop Cars Found Incompetent To Stand Trial

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Remember a few months ago when we told you about the guy in Vermont who hopped into a farm tractor and used it to pancake seven police vehicles? Of course you do. Looks like he won't be standing trial after all, according to news station WPTZ.


The TV station reported that Roger Pion, 34 of Newport, has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial. He's already been involuntarily committed to state custody, they said.

Pion had faced multiple charges after authorities say he stole his father's tractor and drove over six police cars and a police van in August. (Come on, who hasn't wanted to try that at least once?) Police say Pion was angry over a recent arrest for marijuana possession.


The tipster who sent this in, GuardDuck_Quick draw anger management, sums it up as well as anyone: "This just goes to show, you don't have to be crazy to drive a tractor over 7 cop cars, but it helps." Indeed.

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(Hat tip to GuardDuck_Quick draw anger management!)

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They gotta stop this "incompetent" to stand trial and the "innocent by reason of insanity" bullsh*t. You did it, you were sane enough to get on a tractor and deliberately drive over some innocent Police Interceptors. You get caught, and you stand trial just like anybody else. The only difference is where you do your time...prison or a mental institution. Sometimes they are one and the same. The "insanity" defense becomes "guilty but mentally incompetent for traditional incarceration." The difference is these whack-jobs don't get out on the street and into halfway houses or taken care of by neglectful or oblivious relatives where they can hurt other people again.