Terrible BFF Frames Friend For Traffic Violation

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Getting pulled over is one of the worst feelings in the world. It's also one of those times that you wish you were someone else.

Shyla Rose Shocko got pulled over and decided to say she was someone else. And it worked until the police found out. Yeah, she got arrested.

Shocko was pulled over in early December for a minor traffic infraction. Instead of giving the officer all of her information, she claimed she forgot her license, as one does, and then fudged enough information — name, birthdate, etc — about her friend to get the ticket issued to her. The ticket was paid soon after it was issued, although it is unclear who paid it. If Shocko paid the ticket then this really makes no sense.


What Shocko did is being dubbed "quasi-identity theft." It would have been so much easier if she just paid for the ticket on her own instead of being charged with a misdemeanor.

Here's to good decisions. No word on if Shocko and the girl she framed are still BFFL.

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