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A Brabus-tuned Mercedes-Benz E-Class recently broke the record for world's fastest street-legal sedan on a test track in Nardo, Italy. The twin-turbo E V12 clocked a top speed of 217.6 mph during tests by German magazine Auto Motor und Sport. The new E assumes the mantle from a 582hp, Brabus-tuned W/S 210 series E-Class, which registered an electronically limited top speed of 205 mph in October 1996.

What's an E V12 you ask? Actually, Brabus "surgically implants" a larger-displacement version of the Mercedes 600's biturbo 5.5-liter powereplant (totaling 6.3 liters) into an E-Class — for which it must make serious modifications to the engine bay, likely with a scalpel the size of a Jaws of Life machine. The resulting super sedan, which includes sport cams, re-machined cylinder heads, a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust with four tailpipes, and modified engine-control systems, puts out 640hp and 756ft/lbs of torque. Yes, we're very afraid.

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