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With all of the recent hubbub about the new Shelby GT500 Mustang, it's easy to forget that despite the age of their basic platform, the Fox/SN95 Mustangs were capable of some serious performance. FoMoCo tossed the keys of this monster Cobra (Dragon?) to Edmunds' Inside Line for a week with the expectation that it would be returned with nary a tread block remaining. The coolest thing about this beast is that all of the beef was added for around a mere 13 large, including the price of a new Whipple blower to replace the Eaton-sourced unit on the Cobra. Which means that one could pick up a used GT, and with a few bucks over the 13k mark, have a 690hp 'Stang of his very own. Perfect for teaching those Carroll-come-lately noobs a lesson, no? Unfortunately, said thrifty stoplight dragster's car will still be two-bag ugly, but it's the sleeper factor that counts, right?

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