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While the Mustang is viewed as possibly the most quintessentially American car in history, it comes as a shock to some folks that the new retro-'Stang's ride to market was spearheaded by an emigr from Vietnam, of all places. They shouldn't be. Hau Thai-Tang (and what red-blooded white man doesn't love Thai tang), the new head of SVT, knew four words of English when he started school in America. He also knew that he was in love with the Mustang, having seen a Mach 1 brought over for American soldiers to drool over when he was a kid in Saigon. And while many Mustang drivers laugh at Asian car culture, Thai-Tang is the second Asian-American to have a serious impact on American muscle, the first being the late Larry Shinoda, who designed the '63 Corvette Sting Ray and Camaro Z/28, as well as the Boss 302 possibly the most evil-sounding Mustang of all time.
-Davey G. Johnson

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