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"The really good stuff is coming"
— El (Woody) Norris

Props to "60 Minutes" commentator, the dottering Bob Simon, who surely would have been in a Charlie Foxtrot, were the Norris Air Scooter he was test-piloting not tethered to the ground by a sort of figure-four pontoon lock. His segment, on last night's show, covered major entries in the flying car-o-sphere, anchored by coverage of NASA's "Highway in the Sky" initiative, a satellite-guided navigation system for small aircraft that could make personal air travel more than a fantasy for pipe dreamers. The segment featured such crafts as the Moller Skycar and the Cartercopter, along with the Air Scooter, a $50,000 personal helicopter that would be super cool were it not for the giant, spinning head-choppers. Still, there's no a lot we wouldn't do for a Springtail EFV-4A.

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