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Today's list has the distinction of being the first to include a Gibs Aquada, the outrageously priced amphibious sports car in which Sir. Richard Branson broke the record for crossing the English Channel. At $350,000, the Aquada is a tremendous drain on the six figure limit. Still, it's a bold move to blow that much cash on a revolutionary vehicle, rather than a classic exotic ride. Oh, that and a Unimog and a 700hp rally car. [Thanks, Tom.]

Ford RS2000 Evolution - $150K
0-60 in 2 seconds. The rally monkey car that outlawed Group B.

1965 two-door Caddy convertible - $15K
For trans-desert travel a la Hunter S. Gonzo.

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1997 Saab 9000 Aero Turbo - $20K
$15K in grey or green, a sensible daily driver, 4 doors, huge trunk, sunroof and 250 hp. I'd spend $5K in upgrades underhood and in the suspension for controllable near-400 hp and the joy of smoking the doors off of unsuspecting M3s.

2003 Toyota Hilux X-cab Turbodiesel- $40K
It's what they call the Tacoma in the rest of the world, except that in the rest of the world you can get the diesel engine. I'd probably have to have it brought in from Japan or Australia. Stupid California emissions laws, ruining it for everyone.

Unimog RV - $350K

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2005 Pontiac GTO - $35K
Thunder from Down Under! Uh, kinda the same logic as the Saab above, it looks like the bastard child of a Pontiac Grand Prix and a jelly bean, but whoops! someone stuck a six-liter V8 under the hood.

Gibbs Aquada - $300K

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