What’s The Best Depreciated Car Of The Past Ten Years?

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Why pick up a new car when you could get so much more buying used?

American car buyers are brainwashed from birth to unload their new cars every few years in favor of the Next Big Thing. Moreover, we are trained to be ashamed of driving around in anything less than the newest model of a particular car.


That's why you see luxury cars depreciate like a brick down a greased slide, and sports cars drop in price like the bass at a Skrillex show.

So what's the most awesome, most depreciated car of the last ten years?

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Ash78, voting early and often

Any minivan, notably the domestics. Forget any minivan hatred you might have — the things have twice (or 3x) the usable interior space of an average car while still keeping ~80% of the performance and efficiency, and at only a slightly larger footprint. That's a really solid tradeoff for most people.

And minivans depreciate faster than any other type of vehicle, historically...although buyers of late-model Odysseys might disagree a bit.

Chrysler T&C is arguably one of the best values out there. You can pick them up still under factory b2b warranty for sometimes half their original price (after 3 years).