11 second Toyota Corolla defines "sleeper"

Although straight line performance was certainly not among the strong points of the third generation Toyota Corolla, you wouldn't know it to watch this white four door scream down the drag strip in less than twelve seconds.


It seems there is no shortage of strange and awesome drag cars coming out of Australia these days and this sleepy Corolla is no exception. While at a standstill this vintage Toyota might appear to be showroom stock—unless you happen to notice the small slicks on the back—once it starts moving it becomes abundantly clear the car is anything but.

Thanks to the turbocharged Nissan VG30 V6 stuffed underneath the hood, this Corolla has more power than the Toyota engineers who designed would have ever imagined. Best of all, behind the Nissan engine is a 5 speed manual transmission.


The finished product is a pretty serious car that looks like nothing more than a sedate vintage sedan—a true sleeper. To us, the only way this old Toyota could be any cooler is if the steering wheel was on the correct side.


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I don' t know if it is this guys channel, or what.. but there is an awful lot of cool shit coming our of Australia lately....