100 Auto Suppliers Want In On Hot Bailout Action

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Smelling the sweet scent of taxpayer blood in the water, nearly one hundred automotive suppliers have signed a petition seeking access to the $3.5 trillion $700 billion granted under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (yes they're covering the problem with a TARP) the US government handed over to the financial industry with little or not regulation or oversight. This of course is far easier than standing up to ridiculous pricing demands from buyers at the not-so-Big Three and fighting against constant design changes that drive prices through the roof. Simplified, this breaks down to three steps.

Step #1 — Make bed. Step #2 — Realize bed is really uncomfortable. Step #3 — Beg suppliers of bed materials to give you more material for free so you can make new bed, even though you have not attended comfortable bed-making classes.


Sure, works for us. For them? Not so much. [Wall Street Journal]

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let them crumble. isn't that what capitalism is all about?