Virginia is the vanity plate capital of the United States. So far they don't have much to show for it. Now they do. HUZZAH! I'm pretty sure I just blue myself.

In the past, Virginia has been a little uptight with its plate regulations, as they revoked the greatest plate of all time, but still lets someone have RU18YET. But this one will hopefully never be revoked.

A true fan of Arrested Development, this driver took advantage of $10 vanity plates and mounted it on her BMW 328i Touring.


She also has a hell of a sense of humor, unlike her husband:

That's right, ANU STRT is mounted on a BMW wagon. She tells me that her other car has an SMG trans, which is almost as rare as an ANU STRT license plate. She also took this pics just for us:


That means we have an Arrested fan and a BMW wagon lover in our midst. This is good. Well, it's going to be good. It's going to be good.

UPDATE: She's more awesome than we thought.

(Hat Tip to Josh!)