Here's how to build the computer brain of a Koenigsegg Agera R. Step one, hire a hardware and software engineer named Mattias. (Leave the last S on for "smart.") Step two, ? Step three, profit. Maybe that's an understatement. Let's see.

On this episode of Inside Koenigsegg, CVK and Mattias the smart engineer lead us through the process of creating the electronic control units for the car's engine, transmission and various systems — from the Freescale microcontroller to the CAN bus that allows things to talk to each other to the sensors that, er, sense things, to the software that glues it all together, to the interfaces that let humans talk to the machines.

Koenigsegg does all of this stuff in-house. Yes, it's a nerd's world, and we just get to watch it happen on YouTube, which is mostly fine with us.