The VŪHL 05 Is A Canadian-Mexican Lightweight Supercar

The VŪHL 05 is a Mexican supercar that uses a body made in Canada, Michelin tires and most likely Ford power. Expect lightweight construction and a debut at Goodwood next month.

Not much has been revealed so far about Mexico's newest shot at the supercar market, but one thing is certain: VŪHL (Vehicles of Ultra High-performance and Lightweight) will be misspelled in print as VÜHL at some point.

The 05 is the brainchild of brothers Iker and Guillermo Echeverria, who's experience comes from their father, a veteran GT and formula racing car builder. The car is expected to have Ford power and a track-focused setup, but it will be road legal in order to stay on the practical side of the lot.


The VŪHL 05 Is A Canadian-Mexican Lightweight Supercar

With the testing well on its way, the 05 will be presented first at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Will it be a great example of the combined power of American nations, or will it turn into another come-and-go supercar failure?


Image credit: VŪHL