The 'Results May Vary' Was Implied

Do we all understand that the Fuelshark is useless? OK, good.

Jason debunked it and pretty much eliminated the slightest thought that some plastic in your 12-volt socket would save any fuel whatsoever. In fact, he thinks buying a bunch of olives is a cheaper solution.

Just remember, Matt Brown, your outcome might be different:

I put olive in my 12V socket and it didn't work. Prepared to be sued, Torchinsky.

And then Jason:

Wait wait wait. Pimento side in or out?

Oh, here's the problem:


I don't know, I kind of just poured my martini into the socket.

And GeneralAkbar:

That should have worked. How much energy is stored in a couple ounces of 80-proof?

The lesson? Your results may vary depending on what's in your martini.