The Newest Chevrolet Is A Daewoo Sold As Buick Reworked As Baojun

What you're looking at is the newest Chevrolet family sedan, to be built for markets such as Egypt and India. Only it's not really a Chevrolet.

As China Car Times explains, these spied photos from show that the car is actually a Chinese Baojun 630 with the super cool horse logo pried off and a gold bowtie stuck in its place. Only the Baojun is only a reworked version of the old Buick Excelle. Only the Buick Excelle isn't actually a Buick, it's a Chinese-market version of the old Daewoo Lacetti.

So you're looking at a Chevrolet that's really a Baojun that's deep down a Buick that's actually a Daewoo.


Man do I love the Chinese car industry.

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