What Would You Drive If You Had Mark Zuckerberg's Money?S

Mark Zuckerberg drives a Volkswagen GTI. It's kind of the automotive equivalent of a nice hoodie – practical, relatively inexpensive, comfortable. It's perfect for him, actually.

Personally, I think he made a great choice. Maybe that's because I own a Mk 6 GTI, too. Some of you, however, think with all of the money he's made Facebooking, he should have splurged more. Once again, you guys go weirder.

My X-type is too a real Jaguar:

If I had his pile of money, I would daily drive something extremely strange, maybe a fully restored Lincoln Mark V, or something else from the "Pimp" era.


Either way, wire wheels.


I would drive a tractor to work, because I can.


70s Monte Carlo with the swivel seats. I have dubbed them "pimp-assist" seats. You are pretty much straight baller if you have one of those.

What Would You Drive If You Had Mark Zuckerberg's Money?

This is why you're not gazillionaires. (But let me know if you are and what you bought!)

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