How a Corvette ZR1 driver avoided a post-crash beatdown

More than a quarter-of-a-million people have seen the video of a Corvette ZR1 driver crashing into a Chrysler SRT8 since Jalopnik first posted it. Now we have the video, and story, of what happens next. » 8/18/11 3:00pm 8/18/11 3:00pm

Corvette ZR1 Race Car Crashes At Watkins Glen

According to reader Cody Ace, (that name totally sounds like a movie name) this race-built Corvette ZR1 met the wall with furious vengeance at Watkins Glen last weekend. For a privateer car, that's a helluva bump. Damage mega-gallery below. » 10/06/09 9:30pm 10/06/09 9:30pm

First Crashed Corvette ZR1 Hits EBay For Only $97,500

NOOOOOO! Unless we're mistaken, the first recorded Corvette ZR1 crash's popped up on eBay, after the driver apparently lost control of Lutz's raging 638 HP hard-on, curbing it very hard. "Buy-It-Now" price? $97,500! » 5/04/09 12:00pm 5/04/09 12:00pm