The Zero Fucks RX7 Is For Sale

Remember the badass rat rod RX7 that 21-year old Corbin Goodwin built in his parents' driveway? We all loved it here. Welp, it's for sale. Now it can be yours. » 2/15/13 9:33pm 2/15/13 9:33pm

The Zero Fucks Given RX7 Is Better Than Any Car You'll Ever Own

What happens when a 21-year old takes a first generation RX7, throws out the rotary engine, puts in a V8, and makes a whole bunch of other questionable modifications? You get this: Corbin Goodwin's amazing RX7 hot rod. Holy crap nuggets is this thing cool. » 2/12/13 12:00pm 2/12/13 12:00pm