How To Hack A ZAP Xebra Electric Car In Just 7 Minutes, 51 Seconds

As further evidence that all ZAP Xebra electric vehicle owners are complete dorks, we have this video of a ZAP owner showing us how to get the most out of the little 3-wheeler. Along with some cosmetic changes, this guy replaced the copper wiring with a thicker gauge cable and increased the voltage by adding another… » 8/15/08 12:20pm 8/15/08 12:20pm

Zap Opens First Dealership In Davis, California, Stereotype Reinforced

If you live in central California and have a hankering for a Zap Xebra sedan or Zap Xebra truck, do we have good news for you. Zap opened up their very first dealership in Davis, California last week, and just in time for this week's Earth Day. We're sure the EV's will do pretty well in the extra crunchy college town,… » 4/21/08 6:00pm 4/21/08 6:00pm

ZAP Alias Electric Sports Car Ready For Production In 2009, Priced Around $30,000

ZAP has a long history producing electric cars, though not always the best looking electric cars. Given their history, we shouldn't dismiss the ZAP Alias electric car quite as quickly as we might with other manufacturers. Even if their claim is to build an electric car with a range of 150 miles, a 0-60 mph time under… » 1/31/08 11:00am 1/31/08 11:00am

Automotive X Prize Showcase Coming To Detroit Auto Show

We previously mentioned that the good folks at the X PRIZE foundation would be bringing X PRIZE entrants to Detroit, and now we've got a full list of all the cars that will be vying for the $10 million prize. For those not in the know, the X-PRIZE will be awarded to the company that can build and market a 100 MPG… » 1/08/08 11:15am 1/08/08 11:15am

Would The ZAP Xebra Pay For Itself In London?

We previously mentioned that the Zap Xebra Electric Dorkmobile was headed to England. With congestion pricing in effect in London, electric cars are exempt and get drastically cheaper parking. Further, there are free charging stations located around London that theoretically provide free fuel. Assuming a 260 day work… » 1/03/08 11:15am 1/03/08 11:15am

ZAP Gets UK Approval for Four-Door Electric Dork-Mobile

The Brits have approved Zap's little Xebra four-door electric car, opening the door for public sales. Though awkward by American standards, the Xebra could be considered "handsome" on the British scale, which is why it may be a small success across the pond. Oh, that and the fact that driver's don't have to pay… » 11/20/07 12:45pm 11/20/07 12:45pm

Chilean Power Company to Distribute Zap Electric Cars

It makes perfect business sense — a power company responds to serious air-pollution problems by allowing customers to finance electric vehicles on their monthly electric bill. It's happening — not in California — but in Chile, where the country's largest utility company, Chilectra signed an agreement with US-based Zap » 9/17/07 10:30am 9/17/07 10:30am

Cycloptic Zap-amino: The End of World Is Nigh

Trolling through the "Other makes" section of eBay motors I stumbled on this... thing, in all its glory(?), the Zap Xebra. First of all, Xebra? I'm wondering if the marketeers thought replacing a 'Z' with an 'X' would make it hip and/or extreme — because it didn't. The third-eye headlight is hipper than the "X," but… » 7/14/07 2:06am 7/14/07 2:06am

Zap Says New High-Performance Electric Car On the Way

Add another high-end exotic to the electric-car universe, though lop off around $70,000 and a bit of range. This one's from Zap, the publicly traded company that forced DaimlerChrysler's hand by importing and federalizing Smart Fortwo models for the US market. The company says it's working up an EV that can hit 100… » 6/26/07 10:45am 6/26/07 10:45am

Danger, Danger, High Voltage! ZAP Introduces High Speed Charger

One of the drawbacks of owning an electric car, other than constantly being asked out on dates, is the slow charging time. Understanding it's not convenient for everyone to wait six hours in between drives, ZAP is offering a 100-amp/10,000-watt charger that'll juice up your Xebra in less than an hour. Of course,… » 3/15/07 6:00pm 3/15/07 6:00pm

Zap, Lotus Team Up on Electric Crossover SUV

Back when Lotus Engineering showed off its Aluminum Performance Crossover (APX) concept car at the Geneva show last year, most assumed it was a showcase for the company's new, lightweight architecture, and nothing more. But news hit the wire this morning that Lotus will use that crossover SUV as the basis for a joint… » 1/30/07 6:51am 1/30/07 6:51am

Be Eco-Friendly! Look Dorky! Buy a Xebra!

Here's the subhead to the Zap press-release regarding the new Xebra electric car: "New Electric Vehicle Appears to Be the Only Cost-Effective Alternative in the Nation as Oil Futures Hit Record High." Which means that apparently the Zap-federalized smarts are not cost-effective, nor is renting a car when you actually » 7/12/06 12:00am 7/12/06 12:00am

ZAP Celebrates 11th Anniversary, To Import OBVIO! Cars

ZAP, the Santa Rosa, CA company probably best known to the slightly-more-than casual auto enthusiast as the organization who went back and forth with DCX over the importation of smart to these shores, is celebrating its 11th anniversary with the announcement that it'll be importing OBVIO! cars from Brazil. Standing… » 9/26/05 11:27am 9/26/05 11:27am