6 Jaw-Dropping Superyachts Designed by Architects

Generally speaking, architects are brilliant and creative people with a wide range of talents. That sort of versatility is part of what makes them good architects in the first place. But let's be honest. Just because some people are good at a lot of things does not mean they're good at everything. Take yachts, for… » 1/03/14 10:20am 1/03/14 10:20am

Architecture Today: More on the Z Car

Architect Zaha Hadid is best known for futuristic (forgive the plebian adjective, art school geeks) visions of urbanity. She also designed the central building for BMW's Leipzig plant and the "Mind Zone" in the UK's Millennium Dome. Her Z.CAR project — which debuted at New York's Guggenheim Museum this summer — is a… » 8/03/06 11:40am 8/03/06 11:40am

Look What Zaha (Ha)did: Architect Debuts Concept Car

Zaha Hadid, Iraq-born architect and darling of the deconstructivist movement (you know who you are) is not exactly best known as a car designer. In fact, most gearheads would be hard pressed to pick her out of a crowded newsroom at the BBC. Regardless, she's debuting her Z-car concept at the Guggenheim Museum in New… » 6/02/06 6:46pm 6/02/06 6:46pm