Which Upcoming Car Are You Most Excited About?

Used to be that automakers would introduce a new model each and every year. Think Chevrolet Bel Air 1953-1959. These days, they don't do that. But thanks to the relentlessness of blogs, busted embargoes and the obsessiveness of enthusiasts, we are treated to a constant trickle (if not stream) of spy shots and sexy… » 5/25/07 11:15am 5/25/07 11:15am

Sino the Times: New BMW Flagship Sports-Car Concept to Drop in Shanghai?

Before you guys get all flamey, the concept car above is merely the BMW Z9 concept of 1999 vintage. That car has little to do with a new flagship sports-car model the company's been working up. Now, Automotive News says BMW has chosen the Shanghai auto show as the venue for a concept car that will hearken the… » 4/02/07 9:16am 4/02/07 9:16am

Spy Photos: New BMW Z9 Spotted Incognito

We could pretend that BMW dressed the Z8 successor as a Caterpillar D9, and some less-intelligent perusers of the blog might believe us. Bryant From Alberta, Canada and the Guy Apparently Named Zach come to mind. But the truth of the matter is slightly more prosaic. Still, we're thinking back to Operation Fortitude » 1/11/07 1:15pm 1/11/07 1:15pm

If 9 Were 6: BMW's Rumored "Z9" or "Z10" May Be New "Z6" Supercar

BMW bosses have already admitted a flagship project is in the works. Now, according to the UK's Autocar magazine, that project could be the Z6. Based on the 6-Series, natch, the new supercar — which had once been rumored to be dubbed "Z9" or "Z10" — will show off some of the weight-saving technologies the Bimmer boys… » 5/25/06 8:30am 5/25/06 8:30am