Which Upcoming Car Are You Most Excited About?

Used to be that automakers would introduce a new model each and every year. Think Chevrolet Bel Air 1953-1959. These days, they don't do that. But thanks to the relentlessness of blogs, busted embargoes and the obsessiveness of enthusiasts, we are treated to a constant trickle (if not stream) of spy shots and sexy… » 5/25/07 11:15am 5/25/07 11:15am

Sweet Matron of the Quandt Family! Z4/Z8 On eBay

Come touch the wrongness, children. Truly, it won't hurt. Okay, just a bit, maybe...but that's why Hippocrates gave us burn wards. What is it? It's a fiberglass Z8 body mounted on a Z4. 2.5L straight six. And as the advertiser fairly points out, it "with get you around plenty fast and also save you gasoline over the… » 10/23/06 8:30pm 10/23/06 8:30pm

We're Gonna Go Be a Sheik Now: Inside Hamad bin Hamdan's Garage

Dude, being a sheik kinda seems as if it's the business. Harems, all the oil one can slather upon oneself, warm weather, clothes that never go out of style, hanging with T.E. Lawrence, and oh, most importantly, a whole shiek-sized garageload of exotic iron. Or, in Sheik Hamad bin Hamdan of Abu Dhabi's case, aluminum… » 9/06/06 11:30pm 9/06/06 11:30pm