Spec'ing the BMW Z4 Replacement

Auto spy Hans Lehmann and his p-shop jockeys at Hidden Image released a spec image of the next roadster from BMW, dubbed Z6. Winding Road speculates the larger, sleeker droptop will replace the weak-selling Z4, while Germany's AutoBild talks of wider expansion throughout the Z universe to include an entry-level Z2… » 11/08/06 12:23pm 11/08/06 12:23pm

New BMW Supercar, the M10, Coming in 2009? Tuner Version Already…

Italian BMW tuner Racing Dynamics appears to have dropped some info regarding BMW's new supercar, apparently to be called the M10. A rendering of the car (above) was accompanied by the following blurb: » 9/17/06 8:24pm 9/17/06 8:24pm

Eine Kleine Roadstermusik: 2009 BMW Z2, Z4, Z6, Z8?

Germany's AutoBild elaborates on the story of BMW's upcoming Z2 roadster, a stripped-down MX-5 beater that's been the talk of blogosapiens from here to Tristan da Cunha (now all they need is some roads). AB says BMW strategists don't consider classes or categories of cars, as much as they conceptualize "universes"… » 8/16/06 12:39pm 8/16/06 12:39pm

BMW Z6 Supercar: Reithofer Wants It

The rumor pot regarding BMW's rumored Z6 Mercedes SL-beater continues on a low simmer. But what will a changing of the guard at BMW mean for the project? The latest comes from Car4, which reports today BMW's new chairman, Norbert Reithofer — who will replace Helmut Panke in September — wants to bring this model to… » 8/04/06 10:08am 8/04/06 10:08am

If 9 Were 6: BMW's Rumored "Z9" or "Z10" May Be New "Z6" Supercar

BMW bosses have already admitted a flagship project is in the works. Now, according to the UK's Autocar magazine, that project could be the Z6. Based on the 6-Series, natch, the new supercar — which had once been rumored to be dubbed "Z9" or "Z10" — will show off some of the weight-saving technologies the Bimmer boys… » 5/25/06 8:30am 5/25/06 8:30am