The 2009 Corvette ZR1 Is The Corvette SS, Blue Devil, Mako Shark, Z07 Or Whatever

Chevrolet's reputed 650-horsepower 2009 Corvette's been called by enthusiasts the "Blue Devil," the "Super Sport," the "Mako Shark," the "Z07" and all sorts of other monikers — but according to Todd Lassa, Motor Trend's Motor City Blogman, the up-powered 2009 Corvette will be officially called "ZR1." It's a badge with » 9/05/07 7:45am 9/05/07 7:45am

Blue Devil Caddy: A 600-hp Cadillac CTS-V?

Hmm. Motor Trend is divining some automotive tea leaves, or smoking them. In the mag's latest tree scrape, they say a 600+ horsepower Cadillac CTS-V is on the way. Lock up your vice presidents of accounting, this one could be a psycho killer. It'll piggy-back, engine wise, on the upcoming super Corvette, whose blown… » 6/05/07 7:27am 6/05/07 7:27am

Spy Photos: Corvette Z07 (Or Whatever!) Caught Testing Alongside Ferrari 599

Ed Hellwig over at the line that's always straight — one of the many sites that when combined together form the auto industry super-site that is Edmunds — looks to have snagged some pics taken by KGP of what appears to be a Corvette SS (Z07, Blue Devil, etc) powertrain mule on a test track in Europe. The Z07 (or… » 5/18/07 12:30pm 5/18/07 12:30pm

Lutz Says Corvette SS Project Safe, in Final Tuning Stage

Apparently GM's "pause button" on gas-swilling, rear-drive pavement ionizers doesn't include the "Blue Devil" Corvette SS (or whatever). Vice-grip chair, Bob Lutz says that project was too late to stop. As you'll recall, an EPA proposal to increase CAFE fuel economy requirements, Lutz said earlier this week, caused… » 4/13/07 4:44pm 4/13/07 4:44pm

Spy Photos: Another Blue Devil, Corvette SS, Z07, Whatever Spotting

The allegedly-LS9-powered 'Vette has been spotted yet again on the mean streets of the town that's close to Wert's suburb, shot by a man with a cam who saw the camo'd up C6 and a bunch of guys typing on laptops in a manufacturer-plated Suburban. Sadly, dude was too intimidated to shoot more because he didn't want to… » 11/08/06 6:30pm 11/08/06 6:30pm

Stingray! Motor Trend on the "Blue Devil" Corvette

Motor Trend's the latest buff book to chime in on Chevrolet's upcoming Viper-beater Corvette. (You'll recall that car was dubbed "Blue Devil" for an early prototype spied on the N rburgring, which happened to be blue.) According to the magazine, the new super 'Vette will indeed have a supercharged version of the… » 7/29/06 10:04am 7/29/06 10:04am