Haunted Z-Car Saved In Unintentionally Hilarious Japanese Chase Scene

What would you do if a crazy girl tried to drive your buddy's Z-Car off a pier because it killed her brother, a guy who coincidentally shares the same name as your buddy?

Don't laugh. Things like that can really happen. At least they do in Wangan Midnight: The Movie, a live-action adaptation of the famous street… »7/15/12 1:30pm7/15/12 1:30pm

2009 Nissan 370Z Caught With Its Hood Open, Trunk Empty

We've already seen most of the Nissan 370Z »11/14/08 12:30pm11/14/08 12:30pm (even ), set to debut at the next week. Now these photos from show us more of a fuller sense of what the engine bay and trunk portal will look like. As you'd imagine, the 3.7-liter VQ37VHR V6 is there in all its normally-aspirated glory, crossed by a large tower bar. Moving…

Irishman Modernizes Classic Datsun 260Z, Hoping To Start New Stereotype

Politicians and celebrities routinely get into trouble for referring to a certain stereotype about Irish individuals and inebriation; may this Nissan/Datsun 260Z 2+2 from the Emerald Isle start a new stereotype about Irishmen and tastefully modified automobiles. What began as tinkering with a navy blue Z ended up with… »10/23/08 4:40pm10/23/08 4:40pm

1980s New Jersey Time Capsule: 19K-Mile Datsun 240Z Could Be Yours!

Those of you who believed El Suburbanimo to be the ultimate New Jersey vehicle might want to reconsider after you take a look at this '73 Datsun 240Z. Back in the early 80s, with just 19,721 miles on the Z's clock, its owner decided some custom touches were in order. A little body kit here, some stripes and TURBO… »5/02/08 8:00am5/02/08 8:00am

Fast And Furious Chinese Drifting With Pregnant Passengerey

We're not so sure that drifting is a sport, but that doesn't stop those Chinese hoons from doing it. Yep, the language of drifting has apparently been outsourced translated into Mandarin. The Chinese apparently prefer to drift in... Japanese cars. What? Were you expecting a BYD? But wait, they haven't just ripped off… »2/27/08 3:00pm2/27/08 3:00pm