Tough, Dependable Cars At America's Most Affordable Prices: Yugo Leads The Way!

After seeing Evil Clint's numbers-matching Yugo yesterday, we have no choice but to watch a Yugo commercial today. Remember when you could get a brand-new Yugo for $4,525 or aHyundai Excel for $4,999? Remember, the Yugo's price was well under 9 grand in inflation-adjusted 2008 dollars, and you got a full… »8/14/08 1:20pm8/14/08 1:20pm

Evil Clint Couldn't Bear To LeMon-ize His Yugo, Fixed It Up Instead

Last spring, we saw the '87 Yugo GV of Clint, the Evil Genius Racing welder who built the Black Metal V8olvo's roll cage. Back then, Clint had an idea he'd make the Yugo into a 24 Hours of LeMons car... but it was just too nice. Instead, he applied a few months of work and a bunch of parts, and now it's one of the… »8/13/08 8:00am8/13/08 8:00am

Wood-Burning Yugo Breaks Free Of Petroleum's Shackles!

With the assistance of his engineer son (named Igor, of course) Crafty Balkan Yugomeister Anton Peterka has converted his '85 Yugo to run on the combustion gases created by burning wood. This isn't exactly a new idea (plenty of wood-burning cars limped around Europe during World War II) but applying it to a Yugo just… »7/19/07 4:00pm7/19/07 4:00pm

Every New Morning: Bricklin's China Plan Changes Again

If one thinks about it, the only truly great thing Malcolm Bricklin ever did was bring Subarus to America. Other than that, Yugo? The Bricklin? Entirely amusing vehicles, but only if other people own them. So who really expected his venture with Chery to succeed? Well, we kind of did. At least for a while. But now… »11/20/06 5:00pm11/20/06 5:00pm