You Don't Drive A Hellcat, You Experience It.

I’m about to ask you to read a little over 1,500 words, so I’ll keep this introduction brief. Prior to spending a week with this Redline Red Tri-Coat Pearl Challenger Hellcat, I had only driven one at Willow Springs for all of 5 laps. I had just gotten out of a Viper GT and before the Viper I had been in a Charger…


Two Of YouTube's Biggest Car Channels Could Be Joining Forces

I’m a car junkie. When I’m not working on a car, writing about a car, or looking for my next car, I’m watching car videos on the internet. I’m a hoot at parties. That’s why I’m positively tickled pink that the forces behind the Mightycarmods channel and Motor Trend’s popular Roadkill series may be working together in…

YouTube Video of Brutal Killings at Sea Sets Off International Mystery

Three days ago, an extended video popped up on Youtube of five mariners being shot to death in the open ocean on the wreckage of their boat, as their killers guffaw and chatter from the decks of their larger crafts. Where was the footage shot? Who were the victims and their killers? So far, no one knows for certain.