You Are There: Period Cars Spotted at "Indiana Jones" Sequel Filming

They're filming the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series at Yale University in New Haven, Conn. this week, and I stopped by to score some photos of the prop cars used in the production. Producers have run several streets on or near the Yale campus through a time machine, giving the already venerable… »7/02/07 2:30pm7/02/07 2:30pm

You Are There: SpeedTV's Forza Motorsport Showdown, Episode 3

The morning of the second mod day rolled around, and I woke up in a good mood despite the insistent nagging of a low-grade hangover. Bourbon's all fun and games until you arise with a steel band around your skull and Technicolor breath. I grabbed a few cereal bars and an energy drink at the set and looked around for… »3/14/07 2:00pm3/14/07 2:00pm

You Are There: SpeedTV's Forza Motorsport Showdown, Episode 2

I stood in the shower the day after the first set of races and tried to loosen up painfully stiff muscles in the hot water. Today was to be a modification day before the autocross and drifting events. What that meant for me so far was that I'd gotten to wake up a little later than usual, which along with a cereal bar… »3/07/07 2:01pm3/07/07 2:01pm