Kanye West Just Bought Two Of These Crazy Armored $1,000,000 SUVs

People revere Kanye West like he's the second coming. These people, it seems, also scare him. So much so that he bought two Dartz Prombron armored SUVs from Latvia. Is Yeezus scared? » 8/12/13 2:07pm 8/12/13 2:07pm

Yeezus: The In-Car Review

I had three important questions about Kanye's new album: does it sound good in the car, the place where people are probably going to listen to it the most? Am I missing something by only listening to it on headphones? Is it fun to listen to with a coworker who absolutely hates it? Yes, yes, and yes. » 6/24/13 1:54pm 6/24/13 1:54pm