2009 Toyota Yaris Pricing Released; Take That, Geo Metro

Pricing details have been released for the range of 2009 Toyota Yaris models, and the results show a mixed bag. The addition of the five-door model for 2009 has forced a shakeup in the pricing structure in order to accommodate the new model. The hat-shaped Yaris three-door gets a $655 bump up to $12,205, while the… » 8/25/08 4:40pm 8/25/08 4:40pm

European Toyota Yaris Includes Dockable TomTom

What's so special about the European Toyota Yaris SR? It's quite simple, really: This Yaris includes a factory-installed dockable TomTom GPS navigation unit. The press release (see it below the jump) is pretty skimpy on the details, but it seems that the TomTom not only functions as the GPS navigation unit, but also… » 2/22/08 4:30pm 2/22/08 4:30pm

Toyota Yaris Spotted With Incredibly Minor Facelift, Can You Tell The Difference?

The good people at World Car Fans have gotten ahold of Toyota Yaris spy photos that are exceptionally minor. Props to them and the spy photographers for actually noticing this was a European Yaris of the non-current generation. Seriously, it's so minimal that they believe the engineers didn't even cover it up because… » 2/13/08 9:30am 2/13/08 9:30am

Toyota To Showcase "Innovation" At Frankfurt Auto Show

Yup, that's the official word from ToMoCo on their offering for the Frankfurt Motor Show next month — according to the super number one best automaker from the land of the rising sun, they'll be featuring "innovation." We've no idea what that means, but in addition to whatever that is — they'll also be showing off a… » 8/28/07 7:45am 8/28/07 7:45am

GayWheels.com Drops A New Top Ten List Of Cars Gays Are Searching For

While not ourselves gay, we're proud to support our man-loving brothers and women-loving sisters in making whatever choices they feel most comfortable making. That includes cars — like the latest fabulous list of most-researched vehicles on Gaywheels.com. Apparently the Toyota Yaris continues to take the top spot,… » 7/24/07 10:00am 7/24/07 10:00am

No Klingon Love Poetry: Dan Neil on the Toyota Yaris

Yes, us oldsters still read the newspaper. This largely due to the fact that time is indeed marching on. Holding onto a bit of previously read pulpy words and pictures while sweating away at the gym always seems like a practical use of what time is left. Fellow gym goers likely thought marbles had been permanently… » 3/22/07 1:45pm 3/22/07 1:45pm

Oh, What Higher Prices! Toyota Edges Stickers Up On Seven Models

The front office in Toyota City appears to have said "Hai!" and green lighted the NorAm branch of the super best number one awesome automaker from Japan to raise prices on seven ToMoCo models. According to the Associated Press, » 12/15/06 1:49pm 12/15/06 1:49pm

This is a move we can only assume is meant to boost numbers on the automakers already…

Faster Yaris for Paris: Toyota to Show TS Version

Toyota says it's bringing a more powerful Yaris minicar to the Paris show next month. Where the base model barely scratches the double digits in horsepower (106), the Yaris TS will wring 132 horses from a new 1.8-liter four with dual VVT-i engine and ride on a retuned suspension. Top speed on this ball of rolling… » 8/28/06 9:28am 8/28/06 9:28am

Ad Watch: Your Toyota Yaris is Teh Suck, Let's Race

This is a neat little addition to the funny series of ads Toyota's created fot their little bit higher than econo hot hatch named Yaris. In this commercial, the Yaris takes on another hot hatch...itself. All we want to know is how much will the hedgehog cannon cost us as an add-on accessory, and if it doesn't really… » 7/30/06 2:49pm 7/30/06 2:49pm

Yaris-Yaris-Yaris! Toyota's Gone World Cup Crazy In England

We remember when the World Cup came to the motor city back in 1994 — we saw the first-ever indoor World Cup game at the soon-to-be demolished Pontiac Silverdome. It was an epic struggle between two powerhouses — the US and Switzerland — and by powerhouses we mean both teams bumbled to a tie. The best part was how… » 6/14/06 9:31am 6/14/06 9:31am