Zeus is Angry: Back to Athens in a Sharan

Reports from the Gumball 3000 have the drivers following the proclamation by Herr Alex Roy that air travel is for squares. Instead of waiting for their cars to come by airplane from Athens in Istanbul, Herr Roy, Jarod DeAnda, and Andrew 'Fly' Tipping are driving from Istanbul to Athens in a rented VW Sharan van. Our… » 5/01/07 2:30pm 5/01/07 2:30pm

No Istanbul for You!

After being escorted by Police to Hahn airport and out of Germany this morning, Herr Roy and Master Piloten Ross of Team Polizei abandoned their plan of driving to Istanbul and joined the rest of the Gumballers to travel to Istanbul by air. Or so they thought. Latest reports have the planes carrying the cars diverted… » 4/30/07 6:45pm 4/30/07 6:45pm