Driving A Ferrari 458 On A Race Track Will Leave You Giggling All Day

For the average person, the easiest way to track a supercar is through a “supercar experience”-type program. Many of these let you loose on a real track in a supercar for a set number of laps. I tried out Xtreme Xperience’s Ferrari 458, and I’m not sure I wanted to let them have it back.
»9/09/15 5:36pm9/09/15 5:36pm


So you want (to drive) a supercar?

Two things happened over the past 7 days... first, I came across Battery Tender Unnecessary's awesome series about owning a supercar (Part I and II... can't wait for III) and second, I rode in a couple of supercars at an event in which Mr. Tender Unnecesary mentioned I should get back to everyone about how it was. »10/14/13 11:38am10/14/13 11:38am