Question Of The Day: What Was (Almost) Your Biggest Mistake?

I was speaking with Spinelli yesterday and we each revealed a secret to the other. No, not that we both rate 3 on the Kinsey scale. But that we each almost purchased a big SUV. Spinelli copped to the fact that he was nearly seduced by the admittedly tantalizing combination of American power and Italian leather and… » 4/19/07 11:00am 4/19/07 11:00am

Jalopnik Reviews: 2006 Nissan Xterra, Part 2

Exterior Design: ***
The Nissan Xterra looks like a high top sneaker and comes in a shade of yellow you'd never allow in your house. Still, the front bumper is larger than that of most Korean imports (and not painted in some goofy color). That gives the truck serious off-road-a-tude. Sure, the roof rack is nigh on… » 6/15/06 2:10pm 6/15/06 2:10pm