GMC Denali XT Hybrid Concept Truck: The Caballero Is Back...In Concept

This is it. It's called the GMC Denali XT Hybrid Concept Truck, and this unibody rear-wheel drive Australian professional grade car-truck action set to be unveiled this week at the Chicago Auto Show is making us excited in a way we haven't been since we saw the first episode of My Name Is Earl. And why shouldn't we… »2/02/08 5:42pm2/02/08 5:42pm

SEMA Show: Subaru Forrester Gets A Sporty Little Nose Job In the 2.5 X And XT

The knife was lifted, the bandages unwound, and here at SEMA in Vegas, we've seen the results of Subie's nose job — plus a bit of performance catalog love that made the production Forrester look ready n' willing to go rallying. Subie dropped the '07 model of the Sports 2.5X and XT showing off the JDM-inspired styling… »11/02/06 7:26am11/02/06 7:26am