Owning A Merkur For A Year Was Not A Disappointment

So I have now officially owned my 1986 Merkur XR4Ti for an entire year. In this year, I learned how to drive stick, taught myself how to heel-toe rev-match, completed several successful journeys, and was only stranded once. Lets start by talking about some of the work that has gone into the car. » 12/27/14 4:17pm 12/27/14 4:17pm

I Bought Matt Hardigree's Top Gear Merkur XR4Ti

I'm 16 years old and I bought a notoriously unreliable car sight unseen that is 4 states away in the middle of December in Northern Indiana. But bear with me here because I'm not quite as crazy as I may seem. » 1/27/14 7:20pm 1/27/14 7:20pm

1989 Merkur XR4Ti

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. Yes, I'm back in California this weekend, so it's time for an Alameda flashback! » 8/07/10 9:00am 8/07/10 9:00am

Rebel With A Cosworth for $25,000

William Randolph Hearst created his San Simeon castle by importing the best of Europe's ancient architecture and having Julia Morgan find ways to incorporate it. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a Ford Sierra that would make Hearst proud. » 4/05/10 8:00am 4/05/10 8:00am

1988 Merkur XR4Ti for a Euro-Trashy $5,775!

Historically X marks the spot, however Ford seemed to miss the target with their mid-eighties imports. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe wants to know if time has improved the perception of their aim. » 9/02/09 7:30am 9/02/09 7:30am

The Top 94 Lemons Of The 24 Hours Of LeMons South Spring 2009

After every 24 Hours Of LeMons race, we put together this list of the top finishers for you. And when we say "top," we mean "every single car that managed to get onto the track." » 4/11/09 8:00am 4/11/09 8:00am

The 24 Hours Of LeMons Texas Gator-O-Rama Über Gallery: The Europeans

As always, there was no shortage of BMW E30s at the last LeMons race, but we also saw representatives of British Leyland, German subsidiaries of the Detroit Big Three, and a whole squadron of Saabs. » 3/22/09 9:00pm 3/22/09 9:00pm

Bustin' Parts At The 24 Hours Of LeMons South

They're back on the track for Day Two of racin' at the 24 Hours of LeMons South, and lust for the checkered flag has turned all these formerly polite Southern boys into a bunch of PCP-overdosed Junior Johnsons, with dramatic spinouts galore (yes, we'll have some action shots in a little while). A contributing factor… » 7/27/08 9:30am 7/27/08 9:30am

Which Dead US Automotive Nameplates Should Remain Buried?

Seems the boss-man has been moonlighting again over at Popular Mechanics, this time advising Detroit about which of its dead nameplates should remain six feet under. We won't give away Ray's picks; you'll have to head over to PopMech for those, but we've tossed our own version together after the jump. » 7/24/08 6:00pm 7/24/08 6:00pm

Project Car Hell: Lancia Scorpion or Merkur XR4Ti?

The blowout Choose Your Eternity polls are fun, but we really enjoy the nail-bitingly close races... which is what we got yesterday, with the Roots-blown Old Beetle just barely beating the Pro Street Peugeot in a 175-165 vote split. Does that mean a German car just upset Project Car Hell GigaTeraPower France, or does… » 6/05/08 5:20pm 6/05/08 5:20pm

The Ford Sierra XR4 Is Angry... Very Angry!

We knew the double-winged turbocharged Ford Sierra as the Merkur XR4ti on these shores, and the TV ads for the car weren't all that interesting. But this Spanish-language ad really shows how mean the car really was. It growls! Slinky babes can't resist a man in an XR4- this ad is the proof! » 12/27/07 1:30pm 12/27/07 1:30pm

1987 Merkur XR4Ti

Does a 20-year-old car qualify for this series? In the case of the Merkur XR4Ti, I think it does- these things were pretty rare to begin with, and time has not been kind to the few that Ford did manage to sell. Sure, it was actually an Americanized Ford Sierra- common as hell in Europe at the time- but there were… » 11/09/07 9:00am 11/09/07 9:00am

Look Out, BMW, Saab, And Audi! Merkur Is Here To Eat Your Lunch!

The XR4Ti roared out of Lincoln-Mercury-Merkur dealerships, ready to do battle with the best European sporty sedans! Unfortunately for FoMoCo, the number of roaring Merkurs on the battlefield was tiny and they were never heard from again. Bonus points for incredible 80s-ness on this ad's soundtrack! » 6/26/07 3:30pm 6/26/07 3:30pm

IMSA Merkurs! Yes!

Back when Ford was preparing to launch Merkur, they decided it might raise a bit of brand awareness to campaign the XR4Ti in IMSA's GTU class. With a slight dip in displacement over the car's Pinto-based 2.3 mill, the cars, prepared and campaigned by Kent Racing. A bit later, FoMoCo shifted the XR4Ti's mission to… » 2/21/07 4:00pm 2/21/07 4:00pm