Hoontastic XL7 Seeks Pikes Peak Pwnage

Mister Rod Millen, Monster Tajima has your 1994 Pikes Peak Hill Climb record in his sights and he's picked one of the most astonishing Suzukis this side of a turbine-powered Gixxer to make his run at your 10:04:06 time. Featuring a whole bunch of race-spec equipment, not the least of which is its twin-turbo,… » 7/17/07 8:45pm 7/17/07 8:45pm

Spy Photos: 2007 Chevrolet Equinox SS

Not today...rather this is tomorrow's Chevy truck...err...SUV. Either way, the newest edition to Chevy's line-up of mid-size SUV's is built on the Theta platform — like it's brother/sister cars, the Pontiac Torrent and the Suzuki XL-7. The Equinox SS (you can tell by the double pipes in back) seems to have the same… » 5/23/06 8:30pm 5/23/06 8:30pm

New York Wrap Up: Suzuki XL7

Suzuki's new XL7 (now with 100% less hyphen) debuted at the New York Show, indicating the company may have a post-GM future as a producer of mid-market crossover SUVs. The XL7 (three rows of seats, natch) marks a move further upmarket for Suz; it gets the 250hp, 3.6-liter premium DOHC V6 of its former benefactor —… » 4/14/06 5:00pm 4/14/06 5:00pm

New Suzuki Models to Show up in New York

Suzuki, undaunted by GM's selloff of its ownership stake in the company, is continuing in its plan for world domination with a couple of introductions at the New York auto show next month. We hear you snickering, and Suzuki does too, but it doesn't care. The company is planning to debut its new XL7 SUV as well as its… » 3/29/06 10:40am 3/29/06 10:40am