PCH, High Cost Of Admission Edition: Mercedes-Benz 190SL or Jaguar XK140?

We had another close one yesterday, but the '69 Crown managed to edge out the '59 Datsun in the race to the Lake Of Fire in the Choose Your Eternity poll. We've seen some pretty affordable cars lately (well, affordable to start with, before you start buying parts), but what about Hell Projects that raise the pressure… »5/29/08 5:20pm5/29/08 5:20pm


Berkeley Isn't Just About The Prius: Street-Driven Jaguar XK140

Those of us who live in Alameda or Oakland might cringe a bit when our Berkeley neighbors once again make the national headlines for something silly, but the hometown of Philip K. Dick (not to mention plutonium) is a no-arguments international superpower when it comes to cool old cars- especially weird European… »5/22/08 4:40pm5/22/08 4:40pm