Open the Doors and Kill all the Sheeple: Scion Online Game

What could Scion be going for with its new "Little Deviants" online game that involves bloodshed exacted on a race of "Sheeple"? Well, the brand that was supposed to be a niche marque for youthquakers has been partially co-opted by 50-somethings drawn to the quirky xB for mulch and home-goods hauling duty. What the… » 7/17/07 3:31pm 7/17/07 3:31pm

Exclusive! Scion xD and xB Break Out From Their Embargo Box

No idea where they got it from or how they got it Seems Car and Driver is actually the ones who broke the embargo, but since GM Inside News broke it earlier this AM, we've got it here — the new Scion xD, pictured above, and the Scion xB, pictured below the jump. Here's what the folks over at GMIN have to say: » 2/07/07 9:30am 2/07/07 9:30am