Toyota Resorts To Building Taco Truck Scions Ahead Of Financiapocalypse

It takes a certain kind of genius to combine two seemingly disparate products like tacos and paint into one business venture. It took Toyota to do 'em both in this Scion xB »11/14/08 5:40pm11/14/08 5:40pm modified for duty as a taco and paint truck. See, now that you've seen it, the imaginary palm to forehead moment is inevitable. This particular …

The Chevy 350 V8-Powered Scion xB Defies Stereotypes, Logic

As we become a more automotively diverse culture you're bound to see dozens of modded Scions and JDM Nissans with Fairlady badges on one side of town, and some good old boys in their Camaros and small-block powered Novas on the other. Rick, of Whitemarsh, Maryland, has found a way to roll with both crews by dropping a… »1/25/08 2:45pm1/25/08 2:45pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Custom Toyota Corolla Rumion/Scion xB by Kanji

It's a color some call orange flake — a deep tangerine overlaid with metallic sparkles. Others call it Hysterical Blindness Chrome, though when applied to the JDM version of the new Scion xB, it looks rather fetching indeed. Japan's Kanto Auto Works decked out this model with all manner of SEMA-grade orangeness, and a… »10/26/07 9:01am10/26/07 9:01am

Chicago Auto Show: Scion's New Angry Washing Machine, the 2008 xB, Debuts

Scion launched its latest angry washing machine (thanks, Bob Lutz), which the company's execs would prefer to call "sinister." It's the new Scion xB, and in addition to getting a complete redesign, it's gotten more power by way of the tC's 2.4-liter four — that's 158 horsepower, 55 more than the current model.… »2/08/07 1:10pm2/08/07 1:10pm