By The Beard Of Zeus, The 2015 BMW X5 M Can Go 186 MPH

A camo'ed 2015 BMX X5 M was just spotted at an apartment complex near BMW's factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The SUV's shape is no shocker... but a peek inside revealed something very interesting indeed; a warning (or a challenge?) to the driver, printed on the steering wheel with a label maker: "MAX SPEED: 300… »7/07/14 1:56pm7/07/14 1:56pm


Possible BMW X5M, X6M Prototypes Spotted In Spartanburg

Some are suggesting that the BMW X5 and X6 prototypes you see here will wear the sacred "M" badge when they reach production. The rules used to state that all BMW "M" cars must be naturally aspirated and rear-wheel-drive. But with rumors of turbochargers being bolted to future M-models »8/25/08 11:00am8/25/08 11:00am, and now the prospect of these…

BMW X5 Security: Heavy Armor For The BMW With The Big Butt

Nothing is worse than overseeing your operations in Central America in last year's BMW X5, even if it is armored. It just makes you look so...vulnerable, even though you're invulnerable to small arms fire. Well warlords, worry no more: a limited number of updated BMW X5 Security armored SUVs are finally available. So… »8/15/08 1:00pm8/15/08 1:00pm

LUMMA Design CLR X530 Is Like a Diesel X5, But Whiter And With 487lb/ft Of Torque

The LUMMA CLR X530 combines three of our favorite things: white paint, the current X5 and a tuned diesel engine. The 3L turbo diesel makes 470lb/ft of torque and 330bhp thanks to an amped-up turbo and remapped chip. Also present is the de rigueur performance exhaust, which makes us fantasize about huge plumes of black… »3/11/08 4:45pm3/11/08 4:45pm

BMW Diesel Mild Hybrid X5 Concept Officially Revealed, Officially Has A Silly Name

We've been saying for years the only efficient hybrid with current technology is one mated to a diesel engine, and now it looks like another automaker is jumping into the conceptual fray. Our little news yesterday on the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics X5 — translated from Bruce, that appears to be an X5 outfitted with a… »2/22/08 9:00am2/22/08 9:00am

BMW X5 Twin Turbo Diesel Hybrid Concept Coming To Geneva, It's Happening... Maybe

It seems that the cat is out of the bag and we now think we know what BMW will be highlighting, eco-wise, at this year's Geneva Motor Show. You know all that pleading for more diesel hybrids? According to CarScoop, the boys and girls form Bavaria will be showing off the "Vision EfficeintDynamics" which will be better… »2/21/08 2:00pm2/21/08 2:00pm